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I remember picking both my son and my daughter up at the airport. One a college student flying back home from spring break in Mexico, and the other arriving home from college in Wisconsin. It was ominously Friday, March 13 and it was the beginning of three long months of fear, panic and uncertainty. COVID-19 stirred up a perfect recipe for possible economic and social disaster. But, it also stirred the spirits of entrepreneurs all over the world who recognized a new world taking shape. Rather than succumbing to the economic standstill that affected most small business owners, some entrepreneurs instead pivoted and exercised their resourcefulness with vigor and clever insight.

GERMSLAYER was born out of the necessity of safety measures needing to be put in place to keep us healthy and clean. GERMSLAYER’s innovative approach to bundling PPE items in creative, clever packaging was inspired by two entrepreneurs whose core businesses are founded in sportswear.  Michael Brennan of Blatant Athletics and Beth Levis of CHiLL-life sport have collaborated to form GERMSLAYER LLC.  Both companies responded immediately to the pandemic with designing and selling face coverings to help stop the spread of COVID-19. These efforts evolved into taking a more creative approach to solving the issues that everyone was facing. Why not put all the items you may need together and package them into one convenient place but also allow for customization.

GERMSLAYER offers a full assortment of FDA and CE certified products including hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes. GERMSLAYER is a leading innovator in packaging these items in ready to ship, off the shelves merchandise, as well as working with customers to develop their very own custom branded merchandise to either give away to the end user, or sell to the consumer. We are poised to meet your needs and welcome any and all inquiries. Please call us at 1-888-675-2977 or email us at

Keep it clean with GERMSLAYER.